Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Don't Change

As we tip toe (no Xmas until the 20th rule BROKEN) gracefully towards the holidaze, toqued and jammied, it is a real Christmas miracle to receive today's mixtape. Seriously, on par with the immaculate birth of the world's most famous bearded dude.

Who? ME!
NO! Not you, Mcshane! Jesus!


NO! Not you fake Bunyan! Mcshane had a better chance! JESUS!

We sent Schimmer's new mixtape to @JesusHChrist, and this is the picture he emailed back.

The Winnipeg born, Montreal heeled, Charlotte NC based Schimmer is always on the list of Grilling It's favourite Djs. Schimmer is a disc jockey with a mandate to make you hand shake. That is to say, he plays feel good music for people to love themselves. It is for breeding not for brooding. His usual milieu is fresh re-contextualization and funk vacations through house, boogie, breaks, and raps that are as good for long haul road trips as they are for dancehall aerobics.

Much like the man himself: funky, upbeat, and full of heat.

Shake hands with yourself as you bask in the warm love of Schimmer.

31 and Change by Schimmer

"Cold weather makes you shiver? We make it Schimmer."
-Mailroom Intern Laverne


Rap your presents.

Santa came down the Internet and went straight to the fridge. Gathering up all the beers, billowing smoke, he spoke with the wisdom of his years: "they're for my reindeer."

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