Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free Beard Sticking Out

It is impossible to send postcards from the edge. If you are involved in a stamp purchase, the edge is that way. Write with SASE for sticker pack. Subscribe now and receive knit stocking cap.

I read a few periodicals methodically. There is no reason to buy the Fader, but I get it for the pictures. Sure, the articles too. Ultimate everlasting respect for Catch when he did The Let Out. Built a altar for Ronson. Weekly. Welcomed us to Jamrock. There once was a time when pop heroes and tastemaking moguls would talk about what the fuck was going on. There were Raconteurs, Futureheads, every new riddim got rinsed, but there was still time for shit like this:

More on the other mags when their gifts get better. Always word to Big Brother. Dave Carnie didn't quit. Check in with KING SHIT

Friday night, French dance, Kingston Killing, rappin ass seven days. "Catch em sleepin out in the open." Rap about it.



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