Friday, October 28, 2011

Turn the Gas Back On

We are the 1%

Of people who were good at this shit, before everyone's Auntie had a twitter.

In Canada we say it "Anti."

If the Geurewitz, Wear It.

Tom Waits for no M'am.

We Hollerize the wounds of the kids who took a tumbl.

Beloved Aunt.

I am back blogging again, BBQ on Grilling It, watching the tops of the waves. When I paddle out, it will be to catch kingmaker showcase showdown heights.

For now. Back in the old neighbourhood, cigarettes taste so good. So glad that you still come by my old house in the suburbs sometimes.

If you keep reading my diary, I'll keep writing it like poetry, hiding the man I shouldn't be, behing http://celebrity

You don't even have to put that in anymore.

Keep searching.

Elements of style 3D (BBQ's Flowers of Remorse Disco Edit).

It's Friday. Your Big Brother Qualities return from the wild. Let's dance.

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